LOOT Active TV

Watch full length movies, TV episodes, live shows and more with your friends on the largest television screen available in PlayStation®Home! The LOOT™ Entertainment On Demand TV will work in any private space unless the space comes with a video screen you can’t turn off, it does not include streaming radio or audio-only content.

LOOT Radio

Fill the air with music! A must have for any private or clubhouse space – invite your friends over and get the party started! Enjoy endless streams featuring Pop, Rock, Dance, and Talk.
The LOOT™ Radio delivers real music to the comfort of your PlayStation®Home personal space!

Active Camera

You can’t yell “Lights, Camera, Action!” without a light or camera! This is science fact. With the help of the Active Light and Active Camera, you can unleash the director within. Active Camera Features:

  • Record and upload directly to YouTube®!
  • Full scale controls: Raise, Lower, Pan, Tilt and Zoom!
  • Control over your avatar, allowing you to direct and star!

Active Light


  • Color bar
  • Full scale controls: Raise, Lower, Pan, Tilt, Filters, Intensity and Scale

The Fog Machine

Perfect for your dance, party or horror movie! The LOOT™ Fog Machine will add that extra bit of atmosphere that you’ve been missing. What mood are you in? Fog Machine Features:

  • Modes: Off, low, medium and Intense
  • Color bar

The Searchlight

You’re important. You’re special! How do you prove it!? Well, with a searchlight, of course! Besides, it isn’t a party unless the LOOT™ Searchlight is there. Searchlight Features:

  • Modes: Off, Manual and Auto
  • Color Bar

The Grandfather Clock

Now that’s fine pixel-craftsmanship! This grandfather clock pulls the time from your PS®3 and rings in every hour with a cuckoo bird and rotating dancer animations! Grandfather Clock Features:

  • Animations play on the hour, or whenever you want!
  • Time based off PS®3 Settings

The Photo Telescope

Take pictures of everything you see with the Photo Telescope. Equipped with a powerful zoom lens that lets you peer far and wide across any personal space or clubhouse. All pictures are saved to the XMB, so you can embarrass your friends on your favorite social network! Available in white and black!

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