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Hollywood Hills House Night

Coming this Wednesday to North America, experience the Hollywood Hills House like never before! 

A few months ago we let the cat out of the bag during our live broadcast for AlphaZone4′s anniversary event,  and now you’ll be able to get the Hollywood Hills House Nighttime Personal Estate, Nighttime Clubhouse, Daytime Clubhouse, and Open House spaces in just a couple more days*!

We’ve made some big changes to our most popular personal estate, and we think you’re all going to be pretty excited. Not only have we added swimming, allowing you to have the best pool parties around this summer, but with our built-in LOOT™ Radio Panel** you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes anywhere throughout the entire space. Have a blast under the Californian sun with your friends or dance the night away with the hypnotic twinkling of city lights behind you! For those of you who currently own our Hollywood Hills House Daytime Personal Estate, be on the lookout for a free update that morning retroactively giving you those new features.

Each space will be available to purchase individually, however we will offer an Ultimate Bundle filled with savings and featuring the 4 spaces along with these great items:

  • NEW! Velvet Rope
  • NEW! LOOT™ Single Tiki Torch
  • NEW! LOOT™ Double Tiki Torch
  • NEW! LOOT™ Outdoor Oven
  • NEW! LOOT™ Firepit
  • LOOT™ 140″ EOD Flatscreen TV
  • LOOT™ Tiki Totem
  • LOOT™ Photo Telescope
  • LOOT™ Searchlight
  • LOOT™ Fog Machine
  • LOOT™ Active Light
  • LOOT™ Active Camera
  • LOOT™ Grandfather Clock
  • Cabin Boy in Trout Trouble! (Classic Arcade Cabinet)

So, what are you waiting for? Hollywood’s never looked so good!

*The above items will be available for the following regions on June 12th: Asia and Europe. European Open House will be available on June 26th.

**Due to music rights issues in Europe, we are unable to offer RadioIO outside of the SCEA territories.

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